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We keep you updated on the latest news; releasing new instructors, workshops – and behind the
scenes preparations. And as summer finally comes, daily reports from the camp will be posted.

What is going on right now?

Be smart and work together!

At the third day, children and adults were all visiting Boda Borg. In this cool inside enviroment, smaller teams of participants move through different quests tackling a variety of mental and physical challenges. Success in the first challenge means entry into the next challenge. And failure in any challenge means starting over or selecting another quest. Here, Mika is trying a challenge together with his team from the taekwondo academy KSA Västerås.

Training with Levent Tuncat

Levent Tuncat’s training sessions will definitely take you to the next level! If you think that you’ve been working out hard before, just try this training with Team 1, international elite. The students admit that it’s hard, but also fun, to be coached by Levent – and from the audience side of it, it’s very entertaining to watch!


Attention all none participating parents!

From this day onwards, we have arranged so that you can buy lunch in our cafeteria after 13.00 (01 pm) – and dinner during scheduled hours. Today’s meny says potato burgers for lunch and chili con carne for dinner. Salad and bread is a certainty. Welcome!

Lunch: 55 SEK
Dinner: 65 SEK

How self aware are you?

Are purpose and goal the same thing, or do they differ from each other ? Deep discussions going on with our mental trainer Krister Lundgren.



Back at home in Spain, Gha Eun operates as an instructor in both Hapkido and Yongmudo. Through times, she earned several creditable placings internationally. Amongst those is the European Championship in 2016 where she placed first in team hyung, individual hyung – and hosinsul.