Valid February-June

After last of June: 3000 SEK (300 EUR).

(Before last of January: 2000 SEK, now expired)

We offer 25% off on the second participant, 50% on the third and 75% on the fourth.

Bring 5-9 participants from your club and we won’t charge for 1 instructor fee.
Bring 10-14 participants and we won’t charge for 2 instructor fees.
Bring 15 participants or more and we won’t charge for 3 instructor fees.

Important note! If you want to make use of the instructor’s discount, please use our form to sign up your students.


  • daily taekwondo & hapkido training
  • lunch Wednesday-Sunday
  • dinner Wednesday-Saturday
  • t-shirt and shorts
  • gymbag
  • waterbottle
  • workshops
  • lectures
  • summer activities
  • free gym training during camp dates

NOTICE! This price does not include any flight, accommodation or transfer costs.


  • Prices are excl. an invoice cost of 1€.
  • If you choose to stay at any of the standard accommodations, the price of chosen accommodation will be added to your fee.

After signing up, an automatic confirmation is sent to your email adress. Within 5 work days, you will receive another email with your specified invoice. Please make sure to go through with your payment before the invoice expires in order to keep your registration fee. For those who sign up after deadline (last of June), payment is to be made before arriving at the camp – and those whose payment we have not received in time will not be participating. Camp fee refunds are made only at emergency situations with a doctor’s certificate. The refund does not include any accommodation fees, due to our agreement with Skellefteå Camping.

Soo Shim provides insurance for participants who are already part of the Soo Shim Club. If you are visiting, please make sure to have your own insurance.

If you are less than 18 years old you need your parents’ approval to sign up.

It is strictly forbidden for every participant under 18 years old to be using alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. Those who are caught with this will be directly rejected from the camp.

Photos and videos will be taken during the week. If we happen to catch a beautiful moment of you doing something fun or interesting, this could be used in our social media and marketing.

SIGN UP 2018

Are you a coach and want to sign up your students all together? Please send us an email at and we will assist you with a form to fill in. Or else, sign up individually in the fields below.

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